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Save Our Road!

Access to our community is crumbling. Every day, potholes are multiplying, making driving dangerous and unpleasant. We must repair our road now! 

Why Fix the Road Now? 




The road is no longer safe. Regular accidents have happened due to the potholes. We need to keep our families, guests and employees safe. 

Save on vehicle repairs and future road maintenance 

Too many of us have had damage done to our vehicles. A better road will reduce the cost of vehicle and road maintenance. 



Increase your property value 

Communities with paved road access are valued 17 percent more, on average. 


Secure our community 

Many of us bought in Las Huacas for its unique community. It is our collective responsibility to maintain the road. 

Here's How You Can Help

The contractor can start May 5! We can have a full top-grade asphalt paved road by the end of May. The recommended donation is $5,000 - $7,500 per household. If you can donate above this level, we will appreciate this to help achieve our goal. 

If you are unable to donate the recommended amount, please donate what you can - every little bit will help! We will not be asking for our regular road fees in July for those who donate $5,000 and up now. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

Where will the funds go? 

  • Asphalt ($241,000) - The current road will be replaced from the caseta to the T junction. 

    • Tear up and 'recycle' existing road surface 

    • Create a 10 cm deep compacted gravel road surface with appropriate camber to ensure proper drainage 

    • Apply a 7 cm thick asphalt mix over the compacted sub-road 

  • Slope stabilization (up to $40,000) - We will pursue one of three low-cost options to stabilize the Monkey Refuge landslide, and continue to pressure the municipality to budget and construct a more permanent solution. Options include: land compaction and terrace construction, application of mesh, and planting of vetiver. 

  • Lastre and other (approximately $20,000) - Annual maintenance of lastre sections near the guard caseta, on either side of the T, and F section, as well as possible construction of additional points of drainage. 

What happens if we do not reach the goal?

We will continue to fill potholes, and the untreated areas around the potholes will continue to erode and create new potholes. Tackling the issue now is by far the most economical option and safest option. 


How long will the work take?

One month from start to finish. Here are the key dates: 

  • Sign up for donations ends April 26 

  • Contractor begins May 5 

  • After you sign up to donate, you will receive an email with payment instructions as soon as we have reached our financial goal. 

What are we doing to protect our investment? 

We are working with the municipality to place a weight restriction on trucks entering Las Huacas, as well as on being given the right to enforce the limit. 

Why does the municipality not pay for the roads?

Because their management focuses on other places with more traffic and more population. Nonetheless, the municipality has said that they want to partially help us in the future. But as we know, we cannot afford to wait and we currently need more work done than what they offer.


Does the asphalt really hold?

Yes. It is the same asphalt used on 160 and in front of the skate park. We will also have a guarantee on the work. 


Why can’t we just repair the holes? Why are we paving the whole thing?

Repairing the holes is a very temporary solution. Within a few months, other holes will appear. The top layer of asphalt we currently have in most of the road is a thin layer, and it easily crumbles under the use and weight of our current traffic. 


Did you get multiple quotes on the paving?

Yes we did. Las Huacas homeowners or long-term rentals are welcome to reach out to the board in order to review the quotes we received. 


Why don’t construction companies pay for the road repair, since they are responsible for a lot of the wear and tear? 

Construction companies and community members building new are requested to pay impact fees. These fees are optional because the law does not mandate them and not everyone agrees to pay them. ​

Thank You to Homeowners Who Have Already Signed Up to Donate 

Asa Aulin Ahlberg, Camilla Ahlqvist, Maggie Aurocco and Drew Vermeulen, William Baker, Georgeanne and James Bolzano, Pedro Barrantes, Captain Howdy, Carole and George Batchoun, Noam Bauman and Dani Gershon Bauman, Haim and Shari Blecher, Erika Brandt and Steve Jacobus, JC and Christy Butler, Maria Cristina Casey, Moshe Cohen, Elizabeth Cundill and Vytas Groudis, Michael and Erin Davis, Philip Davson and Donna Schoales, Cherie Duvall and Ermanno Pascutto, Dennis Erickson, Wayne Edelist and Tricia Tait, Jim Ewing, Mark and Carolyn Fainmel, Richard Fertig, Steve and Brigette Fredriksz, Ben and Claire Goldhirsh, Chico and Linda Goodwin, Michael Goodwin, Ran Kalif, Denisse Lashley, Marcel Llodra and Ari Whitten, Gunnar Lovelace and Jennifer Partridge, Marc Lucius, Rob and Meredith Nicholson, Clay and Terri Phillips, Tanja Quarg and Michael Schierhold, Andy and Kimmer Roberts, Patti Rosati, Marcel Rosen, Elliot Scott, Neil Shinder, Rich Spanton, Thomas Sheltra, Brooke Shields, Lyle and Bianca Srebnick, Jen Stone, Eddie Sun and Natalie Sageloly, Filip Tanghe, Thierry Klaus Von de weid, Barry Walker and Patricia Leon, Gary Weaver, Bre Welch and Chris Antao, Ellen White, Lori Wilkenson and Andre Sincennes, Jake Wilson, Shelley and Ken Wishart, Mike Yannetta, Paula Zawadski-Baumunk, Aaron Zifkin  


Let's Save Our Road 

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