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The Only Community in Nosara with Highway-Grade Paved Road and 24/7 Security Team 

Supported by a Non-Profit Association

Safer Homes

Petty theft is a known problem in the Nosara area - and in much of the world. In Las Huacas, a team of roving guards 24/7 and a security booth monitoring entry and exit makes our community one of the safest in Nosara.  With a quick call or message to the 24/7 help line, guards are available within moments in case of emergency. 

Better Roads

Paved and well-maintained roads mean fewer accidents, less dust and noise, lower vehicle maintenance costs, and happier residents, renters and workers. In 2023, LHCA raised $256,000 to apply highway-grade asphalt on our 1.5 kilometer main road, all thanks to community support. The association also manages drainage, safety signage and side roads.

Closer Community

Our goal is to bring together homeowners, guests, and workers in one of the most sought-after, livable, rentable and safe communities in Costa Rica. LHCA is a registered non-profit managed by a volunteer board elected annually. Out financial statements and budget are published regularly for full transparency of funds raised and spent.

Our Mission

The mission of Las Huacas Community Association (LHCA) is to promote the well-being and quality of life of Las Huacas community, including its owners, residents, guests and workers, by enhancing our infrastructure and security. 


We also seek to protect through common efforts both the properties in the community as well as the environment, and to live in harmony, respecting different cultures and lifestyles present in the community.


In order to accomplish all of this, we need your participation. 



Homes Supported by an Elected Board and a Registered Non-Profit 




Security Guards, 

Monitored Entry and Exit, and Emergency Support



Kilometers of the Only Highway-Grade 

Neighborhood in Nosara for Better Safety

Do Your Part 

Las Huacas community tackles the big challenges of road infrastructure and security of both people and property - backed by the necessary fundraising and a non-profit association. This is literally unheard of among Nosara's other residential communities. Please help us keep a good thing going by paying voluntary annual dues and considering making an additional donation. 

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