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What We Do

It takes hard work to maintain our beautiful community. Las Huacas Community Association (LHCA) is a non-profit that has worked since 2010 to reduce neighborhood theft, keep our roads safer, and build a close-knit residential community like no other in Nosara. To accomplish these goals, we ask that home and property owners pay their share of annual association dues and volunteer to help when they can. 

Goal #1 -Better Roads 

In 2023, LHCA allocated $235,000 of the Save the Road fund on our 1.5 kilometers of highway-grade paved main road plus a further $69,000 on regular road maintenance. Since the association began collecting funds in 2015, we have allocated $581,000 on making our main hill road and side roads safer. This includes laying and maintaining the main hill road and designated side roads, creating drainage plans and infrastructure, landscaping to prevent mudslides, and building retaining walls.

Goal #2 -Safer Homes

Like many places in the world, the Nosara area suffers from the problem of petty theft and frequent home break-ins, although typically without violence. Las Huacas is the only neighborhood in Nosara that has organized to fund a 24/7 staff of security guards, which has significantly lowered instances of crime in Las Huacas. In 2010, Las Huacas recorded 24 incidents of theft and one violent crime within a period of 8 months. Comparatively, in 2021 and 2022 we recorded 4 incidents of theft and 0 violent crimes. 

Goal #3-Closer Communities 

One main focus of LHCA since its inception in 2010 is to live in harmony, respecting the different cultures and lifestyles that make up our unique community. To accomplish that goal, LHCA hosts monthly budget meetings and annual planning meetings open to all Las Huacas residents. All of our board of director positions are open to all residents. We host twice-yearly neighborhood socials so long-time residents can meet new neighbors. Two WhatsApp groups support residents - one for general support questions and other for security and emergencies. 


Do Your Part 

Las Huacas community tackles the big challenges of road infrastructure and security of both people and property - backed by the necessary fundraising and a non-profit association. This is literally unheard of among Nosara's other residential communities. Please help us keep a good thing going by paying voluntary annual dues and considering making an additional donation. 

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