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Congrats on Receiving Recognition from the Municipality

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Las Huacas was recently featured in a video by the Municipality of Nicoya regarding the incredible community involvement in coming together and completing 1.5km of highway grade asphalt.

Congratulations to all of Las Huacas residents and owners for your amazing contributions to the Save the Road fund! And a very special recognition to the leader of our Road Committee Denisse Lashley!

In 2023, LHCA allocated $235,000 of the Save the Road fund on our 1.5 kilometers of highway-grade paved main road plus a further $69,000 on regular road maintenance. This helps make our road safer for residents, owners, renters and workers. Our ongoing road maintenance includes laying and maintaining the main hill road and designated side roads, creating drainage plans and infrastructure, landscaping to prevent mudslides, and building retaining walls.

Thank you to those who contributed to the Save the Road fund, and also thank you to those who have paid your annual Road fees.!

We look forward to more great things to come for our community!

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