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Now Collecting Holiday Donations for our Amazing Guards!

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Our guards do such amazing work to assist our neighborhood every day. They remove trees and debris from the road, help report or find lost dogs, respond to wildlife emergencies and alert us to security concerns. Our goal is to have trusted, long-time guards who are well-known and respected in our community., The current security team is led by Jhonny Briceño and 3 of the guards have worked security on the hill for more than three years!

We are excited to announce our collection of holiday donations for the guards! It was such a success last year that we raised over $6,000, which was divided equally between the full-time guards. This extra holiday bonus makes a significant difference to each of the guard’s lives. Our suggested donation per home is $250 but please give what you are able - before December 20!

Payment Options:

  • Tammy (pictured) will be collecting any cash donations as she did last year. Giving your cash donation to Tammy, who manages our security team, ensures that it is divided equally and handed directly to each guard during our holiday social event.

  • PayPal or Zelle account: Please make the transfer as "friends and family"

  • Also send a transfer receipt to so we can keep track of the donations.

All of the collections go directly to the guards. Unfortunately, we cannot accept transfers to our LHCA bank account as that introduces accounting and tax complexities.

The LHCA team would like to acknowledge Noam Bauman for initiating our drive last year.

Thank you everyone!

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